Welcome to the World as seen through the eyes of Photographix

Hello and welcome....

The pages that follow contain more than my digital portfolio, they are indeed some of the pages of my life.

Since my first shot with a DSLR camera, I have let digital photography pour boundlessly into my life, Suddenly , I am here, then there, then over there.... There is always something to shoot, an event, a place, or just the view from a hilltop.

As I filter away the shots that don't speak loud enough to me, I am left with images that autograph those memories in full colour. They remind me of why it was, and where it was. I have seen some amazing things, and stood camera in hand on the sidelines, trying to paint my picture, and loving every second of it.

I am often asked what is my favourite image and my answer is always "the next image." I have not taken the perfect image and never will but it's that struggle that keeps me capturing the images you will find on these pages.

Enjoy ,